Codero branded content that you can use to communicate with your customers

Infrascale  Named Leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service

Below are sample blog and email templates you can use to communicate with your customers regarding Disaster Recovery.

Introductory Material: Internal and External Communication Pieces

We have put together a series of sales and marketing materials for you to customize as you reach out to your customers. Simply download the documents and update them for your company.

  1. Internal CommunicationThis document is designed to be sent by your organization’s GM/CEO and introducing Codero and announcing the new DRaaS and Backup services.

  2. Press Release – A press release you can distributed to your local and regional markets, and post to your website and social media. Feel free to customize the release and attribute the quote to your GM/CEO. 

  3. Email Communication – Clicking this link will take you to a browser version of the email campaign. Please email Plus One at if you need support in setting up or distributing the email file for your use.

  4. Direct Mail Letter – This direct mail letter is drafted to come from your GM/CEO and should be printed on your company’s letterhead. If you need assistance in conducting a mail merge, printing or shipping please contact Jeff Urbancic at

  5. Webpages – Three webpages have been developed: 1) a landing page that covers hosting as well as introduces DRaaS and Backup, 2) a DRaaS page and 3) a Backup page. The zip file for the HTML files may be found here: If you would like assistance setting up these pages on your site, please contact James Mardis at

Flyers and Marketing Sheets

Codero also provides marketing materials that you can use to explain the Disaster Recovery as a Service and Backup products to your customers. Simple and concise, these give a high-level overview and provide basic information.

  1. Disaster Recovery as a Service Data sheet – click here to download
  2. Backup Data Sheet – click here to download

These data sheets should be printed in color if possible. These could accompany the direct mail letter above for additional information. If you would like assistance customizing these data sheets, please contact James Mardis at